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Hugh Ashton

Hugh Ashton is the author of many bestselling Sherlock Holmes stories for adults and the Sherlock Ferret series for children. Originally from the UK, Hugh lived in Japan, together with his wife Yoshiko (and no ferrets) for 28 years before returning to the Midlands city of Lichfield.

He has recently published many volumes of Sherlock Holmes mysteries with Inknbeans Press, all in the style of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The three "Deed Box" collections have been collected and printed together in a handsome hardback edition - The Deed Box of John H. Watson MD. More details here.

Inknbeans Press has also published his collection of short stories set in Japan, Tales of Old Japanese, featuring the culture and habits of the older generation of Japanese people.

Andy Boerger

Andy Boerger is an American writer and illustrator. Early in his career some of his politically tinged cartoons were chosen by the NY-based Cartoonists and Writers Syndicate for its 'Views of the World' feature, and appeared in such widely read publications as The Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post. Some of his writing and illustrations can be found here.

He has published numerous books about learning English as a second language (as well as creating illustrations for them). With co-author Kazuo Nagao, his ten titles (and counting!) "Your English Ears" series, published by Sanshusha, has achieved popularity.

Another title, "Can You Show Your Appeal Using English? is currently in its tenth printing.

Earlier  he created illustrations for the children's book, "What Does The Tooth Fairy Do With Our Teeth?", by children's author Denise Barry. Mr. Boerger hopes to continue to collaborate with both Ms. Barry and Hugh Ashton, as well as create his own original stories. He has a particular fondness for children and animals as subjects for both his writing and illustrations.

He lives in Tokyo, with a family including Feather the Ferret, who took the place of Vinnie, who would have made a very good detective if she were so inclined. She has a special talent for hiding things.

Andy is the one with glasses - the other one is Vinnie!

Ted E Beans

Welcome to Ted E Beans Books For Bearns.

What’s a Bearn you ask?

A wee bear, of course. The Ted E Beans website is a safe play zone for wee readers, with lots of great books for them to read, and other fun and surprises.

Ted E Beans is a li’l division of Inknbeans Press.

Sherlock Ferret, Watson Mouse, and the other characters and concepts in this book are copyright.

© 2013, 2014, 2016, Hugh Ashton,  Andy Boerger, and Inknbeans Press.

Grateful acknowledgment to Conan Doyle Estate Ltd. for permission to use the Sherlock Holmes characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

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